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Rena is a 9th Dimension Revolutionary from Planet Maia within the Pleiades Star Cluster.

Along with Taye her Winged-Protector and band
"The Galactic Four", their musically charged missions
ignite universal awareness to awaken humanity from under the spell of chaos to transition into a uniting era
of Peace & Love on Planet Earth.
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Created & Written by:

Andrea M Clarke





Pete Parada - Impostar Syndrüm


Lyrics and Vocals:

Tigris Parada

Animation: We Are The Television, LLC

Character Illustrator:

 Ian MacGillivray

Directed & Produced by:

Andrea M Clarke – Metatron Productions, LLC

The Cosmic Adventures of Rena & Taye featuring The Galactic Four Band

Copyright 2022 – All Rights Reserved

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