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Rena is a 9th dimension revolutionary from Planet Maia within the Pleiades Star Cluster.


Rena is on a secret mission as a member of the Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light, her “Magical Boots” reveal the light within the darkness.


With Taye by her side, Rena’s musically charged adventures awaken humanity from under the spell of chaos to transition into a new era of Peace, Love and Wellbeing on Planet Earth.

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Taygeta “Taye”


Rena’s trusted protector, Taye is a cosmic creature from Planet Maia within the Pleiades Star Cluster.


Double Winged Ice Blue Stripped Zebra – Taye releases magical stardust when she spreads her wings and fly’s.


Name meaning of Taygeta: A bright blue and white star within the Pleiades Star Cluster. Taygeta, designated as 19 Tauri is a double star located in the zodiacal constellation of Taurus, the celestial bull. The two stars are part of the Pleiades open star cluster.

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Lead Singer: Rena
Guitar: Ryder
Bass: Cece
Drums: Atlas

Bio's Coming Soon!
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